Amadeus Productions
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Performance Services

Concert and other Stage Productions:

The brass & winds during a rehearsal

Amadeus Productions has organized events with up to the size of a40 piece orchestra, and is able to produce

  • Classical Concerts
    • Entertainment for Acedemic Convention
    • Orchestra for Choral Concert
  • Outdoor Pops Concerts
    • 4th of July Concert with Fireworks
    • Municipal Summer Concert
  • Staged Presentations:
    • Fassion Show
    • Backup musical support for Pop Artists
  • Convention Center Events:
    • Corporate Award Ceremony
  • Charity Benefits
    • Art Gallery Fund Raiser
    • Steeple Chase


Our Current Ensemble availability includes :

  • The Chicago Metropolitan Orchestra (Chicago Metropolitan Pops)
  • Amadeus Consort: String Ensembles (String Quartet, Quintet, Trio,  and Solo Violin or Cello) Please visit:
  • Tiempo Tango: (Bondondeon, Flute, Piano and Bass, with optional Accordion, Violin and Guitar)
  • Mozart a la Mode: 7 to 12 piece String Band (Violins, Piano, Electric Bass, Drums with optional flutes, oboes and clarinets)
  • Piano Trio (Piano, Violin and Cello or Bass)
  • Harp Trio (Harp, Flute and Cello or Bass)
  • Brass Quintet, Quartet and Solo Trumpet.
  • Flute & String quartet (Flute, Violin, Viola, and Cello or Bass)
  • Wind Trio (Flute, Clarinet and Bassoon).

Concert Artists:

Music presenters or representatives of venues that want to engage individual artists or ensembles for concerts or recitals will begin find a listing here very soon.

Please visit our other website: Amadeus Consort

Recording Sessions:

Recording studios and producers that are in need of musicians  for recording purposes can rest assured, knowing that appropriately skilled musicians can be acquire quickly and easily with a single phone call.

Casual Engagements:

Those who are looking for music suitable for a wedding, reception or social function will be pleased to know that all of our musicians and ensembles are highly experienced and our prices are competitive.

Please visit our other website: Amadeus Consort